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Hardware issues on the ATLAS@home server
Dear all,

The ATLAS@home server is experiencing hardware issues for several days now. We are actively seeking a solution with the help of CERN IT division.

5 Sep 2014, 14:08:27 UTC · Comment

ATLAS@home running again
It took a lot longer than we thought, but finally we have managed to create the new image we needed to get ATLAS@home running again. The server was started again one hour ago. Sorry for the long delay. 25 Aug 2014, 11:52:33 UTC · Comment

ATLAS@home in maintenance mode
All recent work units in the last few hours have been failing after one or two minutes. While we work out a solution to this problem (hopefully by tomorrow morning European time) we have put the project in maintenance mode so no new work units are dispatched. Sorry for the inconvenience. 12 Aug 2014, 20:59:00 UTC · Comment

enabled BOINC wide team
The BOINC wide team feature is enabled, so users with the same email address registered to teams through other projects can be imported to the old teams automatically. 24 Jul 2014, 2:29:02 UTC · Comment

reduce disk_bound from 15GB to 5GB
disk_bound(required disk space for each job slot) was previously set to an aggressive value of 15GB, and it caused trouble to a lot of clients. Based on the estimation of previous jobs, we reset this value to 5GB which means each job slot will require maximum 5GB harddisk space.
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Sorry for the caused inconvenience!
24 Jul 2014, 1:35:15 UTC · Comment

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