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Message 959 - Posted: 8 Oct 2014, 12:48:31 UTC

The 10th BOINC workshop was hosted in Budapest this early Oct, ATLAS@home has a few issues discussed with the BOINC developers and other projects.

1) With help from the BOINC side, ATLAS will provide a quick button on the website which can detect the OS of the volunteer host, and choose the right BOINC client and VitulBox bundled package for the volunteer host to install.
2) We will work on merging the current ATLAS@home BOINC website and the outreach website

Tech issues:
1) addressed the stale virtualbox issue in which the vmwrapper lose communication with the virtualbox. The BOINC developer will consider implementing the vmwrapper with the Virtualbox native API which could possibly avoid this situation.
2) discussed the issue of the file system inside virtual machine becoming readonly. It might have something to do with not enabling the cache of the physical machine, but so far no clear conclusion for it yet.
3) ATLAS@home will release a new image which adds more debug information and requires less software downloading during the job running.
4) vmwrapper will impose a minimum checkpoint interval (5 minutes) to prevent user from setting up too frequent checkpoint interval (such as 1 minute) which crashes the virtual machine eventually.

Rick Cannan
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Message 964 - Posted: 8 Oct 2014, 20:39:10 UTC - in response to Message 959.

Thank you for passing on this information.

Tech Issue 4 is counter intuitive for many of us. However, it s a useful piece of advice information that I hope will overcome some issues I am having.

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Message 967 - Posted: 9 Oct 2014, 0:58:40 UTC

Thanks for the information Wenjing.

The better things run here the more assistance you will get here.

Now if you can come up with a project at Cern that can make (some of us) 10 years younger.........well I guess some of us need more than those 10 years

And guys like me that have been with the LHC since 2004 (24/7)

- Samson

Message boards : News : ATLAS@home discussions at the 10th BOINC workshop