more than one vm in same time = slow explorer

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Questions and Answers : Windows : more than one vm in same time = slow explorer

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Message 1939 - Posted: 6 Mar 2015, 12:38:59 UTC


I was wondering, I always had these problems with atlas and vlhc . If i'm running more than on vm at a time, then my explorer is running slow. Nothing else except explorer. So I was wondering if it was a I/O problems with maybe the brand of my motherboard I using (Asrock) since I have this problem with all my 4 pc ...can anyone give me some input?

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Message 4583 - Posted: 7 Jun 2016, 6:54:58 UTC - in response to Message 1939.

ATLAS has a problem with running to many high memory usage work units at once.
ATLAS needs 2 gigs of memory for each projects.
Exp: I have 16 gigs total of memory any at one time my computer said let's run 10 at a time.If you do the math with 10 of them at 2 gigs each that would be 20 gigs over my 16 gigs max. That's not including other BOINC work units, Windows and whatever I got running in the background.

Check your Task Manager and see if it hits 100% of memory usage when your computer starts to slows or freezes. I'm calling this a bug in ATLAS.

Let me know so I can spread the word on this problem.
Software: Win 10 Pro 64 bit-Video Drivers v368.22-CUDA v7.5-V-Box 5.0.20
Hardware: ASUS X-99 Deluxe-i7 5930K Extreme Edition 3.50Ghz, 12 core-16GB of Ram-1 EVGA GTX 980 GTX 4GBs-250 SSD for BOINC Program and 2TB HDD for data-BOINC v7.6.22

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Message 6105 - Posted: 31 Jan 2017, 2:54:10 UTC - in response to Message 4583.

I'm seeing pretty much the same bug. 8 core, 8GB RAM, and the ATLAS applications try to consume more than that. Each single processor VM takes 2.241GB and the multicore VM takes 8.9GB according to the VirtualBox settings.

BOINC is supposed to run tasks in the background in deference to foreground tasks. ATLAS takes over the background followed by the foreground as soon as it gets a chance, and then cannot give up the resources to let my computer run requiring a hard reboot. So now I've disabled ATLAS from downloading new tasks and manually suspending all but one task until I complete the 5 it started to crunch. Since the preceding posts are close to 7 months old, it doesn't appear as though there's been effort to validate or fix this, so once the last task is done I'm removing the ATLAS project from my computer.

BOINC Manager: 7.6.33 (x64)
ATLAS applications: Simulation 2.01 (vbox_64) and Simulation Running on Multiple Core 1.04 (vbox_64_mt_mcore)

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Message 6107 - Posted: 31 Jan 2017, 17:21:50 UTC - in response to Message 6105.

Hi , OokamiOtoko,

You can keep the control on your computer by writing an app_config.xml file which orders boinc and virtualbox to run as you want:

If you have 8 processors and want to adapt to your amount of ram available , you can , for instance write this :

<cmdline>--memory_size_mb 4900</cmdline>

it will execute only 2 work unit of 3-core each.It lets you 2 cores for other use Boinc cpu task or anything else.It will only use 2 * (2500 + 0.8* 3) = 2 * 4900 = 9800 MBytes RAM.

This app_config.xml has to be located in the atlas directory :

Hope it helps you to do only what you want to do and no more...

Questions and Answers : Windows : more than one vm in same time = slow explorer