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Message 3688 - Posted: 6 Feb 2016, 8:11:31 UTC

Dear All,

This new application version is the same as 1.44.
We had an issue with the latest task (some jobs were failing), that was the reason of version 1.45 (with more VM memory).
In version 1.45 the image memory was increased, yesterday we found the real reason of the failing jobs.
We reverse the version since there was no need to have more memory and larger image.

Thank you!

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Message 3735 - Posted: 17 Feb 2016, 22:23:28 UTC

When I click on the show VM console it comes up asking for me to enter a username suggesting that I use # <PIN >but when I entered this it says it's wrong. What do I need to enter to view the console output. when I click show graphics my web browser opens but nothing can be displayed. Any ideal why this could be happening? I have CPU virtualisation on. I am using virtual box 5.0 .14 R 105127

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Message boards : News : New application version - 1.46