Ram size problem.

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Questions and Answers : Windows : Ram size problem.

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Message 4069 - Posted: 2 May 2016, 3:29:35 UTC

I notice from virtualbox that I was running 9 ATLAS projects at a time each requiring 2 gigs which total 20 gigs out of 16 gigs of ram? Not including the 3 other tasks my computer is running and then freezing my computer and physically hearing my hard drive thrashing away.

Also note that The Lattice Project done the same thing running to many memory hog projects at the same time.

I think BOINC should fix this because other projects can fool it thinking it should run more ram hogging projects when your computer can't because of not enough ram on your computer to work at once.

I7 3.3Ghz 12 core with 16 gigs of ram and 2 tbs.

Questions and Answers : Windows : Ram size problem.