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Walter Kraslawsky
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Message 5190 - Posted: 5 Sep 2016, 3:43:53 UTC

I need help understanding how teams work. I am trying to join my Atlas project account to an existing team, "Galactic Patrol" that I founded in 2006, which is known and joined (teamid=126077) on my current SETI project account.

Back in 2006 I had a different email account login where I contributed to several projects including SETI, Einstein, Rosetta, LHC, and malaria control. All those old contributions are visible under my "Galactic Patrol" team.

Returning to BOINC last week, I forgot that old password and could not recover it, so I opened a new email account login. I then started contributing to SETI again, and joined "Galactic Patrol" again, and I can see all of those contributions for old and new accounts.

The problem is that now that I am contributing to Atlas, I am unable to see my Atlas credits under this "Galactic Patrol" team, and I am unable to find that team in a search to join it from my Atlas account home page. (I have the same problem with Atlas, so an answer from anyone on either project will be helpful.)

Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong? Shouldn't a team name be visible under all projects, then showing all contributions for all my current projects today (SETI, Cosmology, and Atlas) the same way it shows for all my 2006 project credits?

Questions and Answers : Getting started : Team Membership Question