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Message 6175 - Posted: 24 Feb 2017, 20:59:10 UTC

I find the column "core n°" ,present in the task list computed by a host, not very informative because the datas inside are not accurate.It displays either the n° of cpu present in the computer or the limit of 8 cores which is the max possible, decided after the awareness of the efficiency loss for much more cpus.
It doesnt express the number of core used by the Work Unit.

I wonder if it could be replaced by another data like "core efficiency" or "real core used".

For instance ,

core efficiency =100*(1-(elapsed time*ncore VM - cpu time)/(elapsed time*ncore VM))

real core used = cpu time / elapsed time (perhaps more easy to create)

the aim is double :
1° to look at a particular work unit in a bunch to notice anomaly or irregularity
2° to present a dynamic data which can influence the cruncher to test and modify its configuration.
Considering the general behaviour of the value during the computing of the wus ,he can see the real impact following the choice he made (choice of multi core wu,quantity of ram assigned to the VM, hardware change,...)

I think not only the credits has to be viewed but also the efficiency of the computing .(avoiding wasting cpu time).

Each one could so choose his way of computing ,according to the feature of his proper host and his way of thinking.

Is it interesting ? Is it worth speaking of this just before the consolidation?
Is it too late ?

It 's up to you to decide...

Questions and Answers : Web site : column core n° in list tasks