reduce disk_bound from 15GB to 5GB

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Message 414 - Posted: 24 Jul 2014, 1:35:15 UTC
Last modified: 24 Jul 2014, 1:38:26 UTC

disk_bound(required disk space for each job slot) was previously set to an aggressive value of 15GB, and it caused trouble to a lot of clients. Based on the estimation of previous jobs, we reset this value to 5GB which means each job slot will require maximum 5GB harddisk space.
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Sorry for the caused inconvenience!

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Message 450 - Posted: 26 Jul 2014, 16:21:12 UTC - in response to Message 414.



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Message 1841 - Posted: 17 Feb 2015, 11:02:43 UTC

What is the current default rsc_disk_bound?
Can this be decreased?

As my jobs are requiring 13GB per job currently.
When running 8 jobs simultaneously it takes a massive amount of disk space to be reserved/free...

Message boards : News : reduce disk_bound from 15GB to 5GB