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Last updated 17 Jan 2018, 16:10:04 UTC

Clank [MM] ("Crunch, crunch, crunch...need my Fix!")
Coleslaw ("Proud Member of Team [H]ard|OCP and the [H]ard DC Commandos...")
Chilean ("As my username would suggest, I'm from Chile. Currently living in Concepcion. I'm a 24...")
Cphipps ("Retired IT Executive (CTO, CSO), specializing in large mainframe computing. Have worked on...")
CaffeinatedSloth ("Hi, I'm UBT - Chris, and I've been crunching since 15th October 2014, I am also a dedicated...")
Claus Varming Lund ("32 years old man from Denmark")
correcaminos (" Spain")

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