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firstomega ("I started to work for distributed computing in 2003, when I payed attention in the...")
fthibaud0001 ("25 years in the computing business and now woodworker and shaman Kin 154: WHITE SPECTRAL...")
FdG (" ")
Francis Butts ("I'm from Goodrich, MI., a small town north of Detroit. My career was in air transportation....")
FENVan234194 ("Hi there! :) My name is Van, I'm a student studying English Literature from St Helier,...")
Florine04104 ("His title is Odis. My day job is a library assisxtant but the promotion never arrives. My...")
FreyaPartrid ("The nake of the writer is Irvinjg and his wife doesn't like it at all. My frriends say...")
FatimaGall04 ("Nice too meet you, my name is Mertie Deer. Marylkand is the location sshe loves most and...")
fodfod67 ("I am an electrical engineer with an interest in astronomy and the whole question of how...")
FriedaDarrow ("Hello, I'm Frieda, a 30 year old from Houston, United States. My hobbies include (but...")

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