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yoyo_rkn ("I started to work for distributed computing in 1997 with's RC5-56 project....")
Yeti ("Yeti is a cruncher since early times of Seti@Home and started to crunch in early 2000. ...")
yank ("Born in Brooklyn, NY a few years ago (1938) and now live in a very small town in Arkansas....")
Yvan Stauffer ("Helping other is a lifestyle")
yannock73 ("French member of l'Alliance Francophone, i like to think that my computing time can help...")
YZHStephanie ("I'm Stephanie (24) from Fohregg, Austria. I'm learning Dutch literature at a local high...")
yam2adult ("Make More Money Online With These Tips! Talking About Making Money Online, Learn A Ton...")
yarn09beach ("")
yardlinda7 ("for more information")
yogurtbrake17 ("Airport transfers in surrey, Camberley ,Sunningdale, Guildford Egham Airport Transfers...")

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